Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is the spot for BREAKFAST

The late Saturday morning breakfast is a treasured rite. A rite of Kings and Emperors, the languish by the side of an omelet and drizzle sweet syrups upon the desert pastries. I have some pretty strong opinions on this, so this week we will explore the spots to eat breakfast. And we shall break our fasts, nay we shall dash them upon the griddle's of this valley.

Now breakfast should be an easy meal to make, but so many do it wrong (so so wrong) and there are many competent breakfasteries out there, but we are looking for a cut above, we are looking for places that are worth waiting in line for, or perhaps a few that are worth waking up before the crack of noon for their sweet breakfast stuffs.

In general I want to find places that are local and unique to the valley, but sometimes chains can bring their A-game and that should put the local pancake purveyors on notice. Just because you are local doesn't mean you are good.

Now I just need to figure out how I am going to come to work two hours late every day for the next week.

Watch for the final list next Thursday.


Carmen said...

I guess Thursday never came?

You are way behind on your blog homework so I'll help:

Top Breakfast spot for 4 people or less? Eggs in the City

Best All Around, taking price, wait, location, and atmosphere? (I know you disagree)Park Cafe

Best Chain? The Original Pancake House

Best greasy breakfast? Over The Counter.

Yummiest breakfast of the lighter variety? Avenues Bakery (Breakfast in Portland is my favorite)

I guess I can consider myself a contributor/blog hijacker.

Mich said...

Hands down--Ruth's Diner.