Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The spot for...

I like reviewing things and I like making lists (in no particular order). I like to make generic top 5 and top 3 lists that don't rank the top three, but tell you these are the three best things and you can decide which one you like for yourownself. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't invent lists, Nick Hornby didn't either (he was like third to use them, though we aren't sure as list making was still in its nascent form).

So this blog will be an attempt to establish nice lists for quality stuffs in Utah (a pretty great state [top 3 slogans for the state]). Maybe some will be outside of Utah, but I don't have that much experience outside of Utah. I mean I travel quite a bit, but to speak with any authority, you really have to have tried a volume of things.

Here are things which I will soon be blogging about and the quality therein. Please comment if you have a suggestion, I might try it out, but be warned, by opinion matters WAY more than yours (unless you have your own blog with readership that will soon approach the dozens).

So here are some upcoming topics

Cocoa that hits the spot
the spot for breakfast
the spot for tomato soup on a rainy day
Spot on Sushi
Spotting the best Thai food
the best spots to buy a book
Los Spotos de tacos
The closest thing to a hot dog spot
the best spots to hit

So I guess you get the picture.

Also, I will try to have pictures, so you can get them.

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